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Download Information

Welcome to efiHacks download page. Here you can find anything we present in downloadable format. Feel free and help yourself with the information provided.
We provide 2 forms for our executables and libraries. archived in zip format and archived and encrypted in win-rar format with password "efiHacks".
The reason for the encrypted win-rar archive being that your system might not allow you to download any form of executables or libraries thereof for security reasons.
Of course we do NOT have any form of spy-, mal- or other harmful -ware in our software.
(: You have to get those trojans somewhere else :)

Win-Rar can be downloaded from http://www.rarlab.com/

efiPanel Control Application

The efiPanel application consists of the efiPanel.exe and the following library files :
It's not likely that any of the dll libraries will change

  • borlndmm.dll,
  • rtl.dll,
  • vcl.dll,
  • cg32.dll,
  • xmlParser.dll.

The xmlParser was provided by http://www.applied-mathematics.net/tools/xmlParser.html, it's a wonderful and simple to use tool ... many thanks Dr.Frank :)

Since we wrote the mcXxxx.bpl component library files there is a very small chance of updates.

  • mcGraphPanelPkg.bpl,
  • mcLabelPanelPkg.bpl,
  • mcMeterPanelPkg.bpl,
  • mcPageControlPkg.bpl,
  • mcSringGridPkg.bpl,
  • mcTabControlPkg.bpl,
  • mcTermPkg.bpl.

Here are the lates releases : We also save All efiPanel Versions.

* efiPanel executable, zip : provides the windows based GUI control application archived (needs the library pack).

* efiPanel executable, win-rar : provides the windows based GUI control application, archived and encrypted, password : efiHacks (needs the library pack).

* efiPanel library, zip : provides the windows based library pack, archived (needs the executable).

* efiPanel library, win-rar : provides the windows based library pack, archived and encrypted, password : efiHacks (needs the executable).

Put the efiLab executable and its library files into a folder (directory) of your choice and start the exeutable. That's it ... no installation or registry needed ... portable app :)

XML and CSV Format Example Files

These documents serve the purpose of showing the format and tags we us in our XML provided data and the CSV data format

Binary Log Data Example File

The file data should only be used to show the package header concept <!sync><sync><!sync> ... data ... <sync> ...
And the encoded stream-addr and package number.
The internal data structs shown in the example file might not be compatible with your current version.

CSV Log Data Extract File

Hardware Schematics and Documentation

more to come ...

Note : All published design documentation is Copyright ⓒ efiLabs.com and its use is without exception FOR NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY. For commercial licenses contact efilabs.com ... try us, we're reasonable :)

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