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Current Version: Pre-Release Beta

Version Pre-Release Beta (date versioned)
Release Notes Unavailable
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Flashing Firmware

Warning Warning: This guide is intended for advanced users only. Changing or otherwise tampering with the device firmware may damage the device and cause irreparable damage to the device, engine or both.

A flash-based firmware modification / upgrade requires a serial cable with 3.3 V DC carrier. Since the processor has a 5-volt tolerance, it is able to accept a zero (0) to 5-volt signal on these ports. DO NOT USE A REGULAR RS232 CONNECTION since the RS232 specification provides a +12 V to -12V signal, which would destroy the CPU flash load port or even the overall operation of the device.

We do offer a cable that will fit the device which you find the details for here.

In order to flash the firmware, you will need software such as flashmagic to perform the flash download. You can find out more about the software required here. Instructions on using flashmagic can be found here.

In later revisions we will provide a built in flashloader which would no longer require 3rd party tools.

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