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Open Interface Concept

Our definition of Open-Interface is the following :
Providing ample documentation for even the most demanding user to use our products to it's fullest potential.

  1. Well documented NON-proprietary data formats.
  2. Details of the operational principals.
  3. Sufficiently documented electrical interface.
  4. Some electrical product schematics.
  5. Realistic specifications.
  6. Parts of our copyrighted application source code for NON-commercial use.
  7. Parts of our copyrighted firmware source code for NON-commercial use.
  8. Engine tuning guides and examples.

What we will not provide :

  1. Complete product schematic set.
  2. Complete firmware source code.
  3. Complete application source code.
  4. Basically providing information to allow others to copy our designs.

Software Interface Topics

This section contains mostly the various data format definitions.
We are also publishing here some internal data structure definitions if they might be of interest to a user (software developer, etc).

Dynamic Map Data Structures

This dynamic map architecture provides the change in X-steps and Y-steps of every map in memory. To accommodate this feature all-maps must be read or written once after any size change to sync the efiMini with the efiPanel application.

Details of the Dynamic Map Data Structures.

Data Formats, Readable

The following pages contain the docs and specs for the, in ASCII readable, XML and CSV data file formats.
The ASCII readable part of the design allows the user to directly edit the data portion of the file with a regular text editor or XML editor, which is sometimes more convenient. It can also be used as data in other XML and CSV capable applications for further processing.

Log-File Format, Binary

This page contains the docs and specs for the binary encoded Log-File data format.

Firmware Interface Topics

Nothing available at this time

Electrical Hardware Interface Topics

This section contains various schematics and other electrical / electronic specifications and documentation. It should provide a better understanding on how the hardware works, how to interface to it and it's limitations. Also contained are some component datasheets to outline the electrical specs of the parts to interface with.

Injector I/O Circuit

Schematic and docs explaining how the efiMini is sensing the injector timing from the stock ECU and driving the injectors connected to it.

O2 Sensor I/O Circuit

Schematic and docs explaining how either the (stock) narrow band O2 sensor or the voltage output of a wide band O2 sensor controller are interfaced to and how the NbO2 simulation provides the signal back to the ECU.

A reasonably priced, good candidate for a WbO2 controller can be obtained from http://breitband-lambda.de/ (also in english). We're using it ... has to be good :)

... more to come ...

Note : All published design documentation is Copyright efiLabs.com and its use is without exception FOR NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY. For commercial licenses contact efilabs.com ... try us, we're reasonable :)

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