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The efiPanel is the main application form which allows the selection of different forms and dialogs to tune the engines air fuel ratio for optimal performance and / or better fuel economy. These forms and dialogs are also used to display various engine data in numerical and graphical form while running.
A log file can be created on-line with a computer connected via USB, or while operating not-connected it can be written to a flash device inside the efiMini hardware itself.
This log-file data will contain all recorded engine conditions for an analysis at a later time. The log-file data can displayed in graphical and / or numerical form or can be extracted (saved) in CSV format to be input into a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or similar.
The log file itself is the only data in binary form to keep it's size as small as possible. We do however publish it's data structures so that additional software can be written by a user to gain direct access to it's data ... for whatever intended reason.
All other configuration and fuel-adjust map data is in ASCII readable XML format with the XML tags being published and documented.
The software itself is written in C++ and some portions of it can be released upon special request, pending upon the approval from the engineering department.
We call this form of opening parts of the overall design (hardware, firmware, software) and it's data structures and formats OPEN INTERFACE.

EfiMini efiForms.png

efiPanel application summary of various forms and dialogs.

Launch Dialog

This small dialog opens up upon starting the efiPanel GUI control application

It contains the current revision and a start button to start the main application.

EfiMini efiLaunch.png

Main Control Panel

This is the main panel with all the primary controls for operating the efiMini electronic fuel injection interceptor device.

There are several quick-launch buttons to open the main control forms and configuration dialogs. The menu items contain the means for opening multiple control forms.

EfiMini efiPanel.png

Details :

The menu based multiple forms controls are currently not implemented (coming soon).

The operation of the quick-launch buttons are explained in the Control Forms and Config Dialogs .

The diagnostic button provides various diagnostic for the customer support engineer and the software developer. The form and data displayed in it may change from revision to revision.

MSC enable : this checkbox enables the Mass Storage Component of the software which will allow the reading of the data log as a computer file. It will enable an additional drive to be available for log-file retrieval. The log-file drive is read only and can not be written to. This log-file enable check is only available while there is no log-file write condition enabled.

LOG controls : provides several log control functions

  • Log-State indication of connected efiMini : "off", "run"
  • Manual Download of the efiMini stored flash log-file (coming soon)
  • Log Enable Log Enable Config Dialog .

USB Device Connect : drop-down selection shows all currently to USB connected efiMini devices

  • <None> : disconnect current device
  • <Refresh> : disconnect and refresh available efiMini devices
  • efiMini-X HID : example of efiMini device name

efiMini-X HID : efiMini with HID device interface.
efiMini-X All : efiMini with HID device interface and MSC device interface (opt).

EfiMini efiPanel0.png

Flash Clear : opens a confirmation dialog for erasing the entire efiMini based flash.
This will erase all stored parameters, all stored fuel and timing maps, stored log-file ... basically everything, except the firmware program itself.
The device must be power cycled twice after a flash clear operation.
This flash clear operation can take up to a minute plus in time ... please observe the busy sign at the right corner of the status bar ... in case of a dbg terminal hooked up to the efiMini, periods of several bursts of dots are also indicating the flash erase busy condition.

Message Print : opens a debug message form to get some indication of the state the software and communication to the efiMini is in. It is intended for helping trouble-shoot fault conditions in conjunction with an efiLabs tech support engineer.

EfiMini efiMsgPrn.png

Main Control Forms

The main control and analyze forms provide the efiMini individual and map parameter setup as well as the display of the engine data while running in numerical (Analyze) and graphical (Graph) form. There are also 2 engine log data display and processing forms (Graph and LogDisp).
The links below will guide you to the selected the form description.

Main Config Dialogs

The main configuration dialogs are used to calibrate sensor endpoints, simulation outputs (O2), and other efiMini control setups (Accelerator Pump).
The links below will guide you to the selected the dialog description.

Note : All published design documentation is Copyright efiLabs.com and its use is without exception FOR NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY. For commercial licenses contact efilabs.com ... try us, we're reasonable :)

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