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efiMini Board.
The efiMini
CPU 60 Mhz ARM-7, 32-bit
Memory 40 KB
Internal Flash 512 KB
External Flash 4 MB (8 MB opt.)
USB 1 Port MicroUSB, USB 2.0 Full-Speed
Serial 2 Ports onboard header [1], 3.3 V DC Carrier
Power Rating 150 mA (1.8 W)
Power Source 12 V DC via onboard headers or 5 V DC via MicroUSB[2]
Injector Drive Current 1.2 A x 4, sequential
Timing Resolution 10 uSec
Size 80mm × 50mm [3]
Weight 17g


  1. Requires special cable. See Other Hardware
  2. 12 V DC required for driving injectors and control circuitry, 5 V DC MicroUSB for control circuit communication only.
  3. product size for board mounted in plastic enclosure might be slightly larger

For additional specifications please contact us with your specific requirement.

On Board I/O Connections

Pict shows the back side of the board with it's associated connections

EfiMini Board Connections.jpg

12 pin Connector, single row :

  1. Inj0 - Inj3 injector input and output terminals (alternating in0, out0, in1 ... out3
  2. TPS analog in signal (0 V - 5 V)
  3. MAP analog in signal or ext. input (0 V - 5 V)
  4. 12 V DC supply, switched
  5. Ground ... solid connection ... 4 A max

8 pin Connector, double row : (one row per O2 sensor)

  1. sensor in signal
  2. sensor in ground (floating)
  3. sensor out ground (reference in)
  4. sensor out signal

Options Connector :

circuit support for digital I/O but currently no firmware support

more to come

Mfg and Test Connector :

  • 5 pin conn : serial conn 3.3 V carrier, pgm flash load
  • 6 pin conn : serial conn 3.3 V carrier, firmware debug monitor, reset pin, etc
  • 8 pin conn : jtag connection for pgm development

Packaging Options

We will offer the efiMini in 3 variations

* Circuit Board only : the current board is slightly larger the the pict on the home-page. caused by enclosure options (80mm x 50mm)

* Plastic Enclosure : in translucent blue or black ABS plastic from [Hammond Mfg 1591XXMTBU] (85mm x 56mm x 21mm).

EfiMini Board Blue.jpg

* Extruded Aluminum Enclosure : in silver or black anodized from [Hammond Mfg 1455C801B] (80mm x 54mm x 23mm).

EfiMini Board Al Bot.jpg

EfiMini Board Al Top.jpg

more to come

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