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efiO2Meter Jumpers and Connections

This page is dedicated to illustrate the various Hardware Configuration Jumper settings as well as the connector signals.

Each jumper has typically up to 3 setting options :

  • 2-pin Jumpers, on or off.
  • 3-pin jumpers, inner pin to either outer pin or off.

It is recommended to leave the Jumper on one pin in case of a Jumper off selection.

Factory Default Jumpers and Connector Signals

The illustration below shows the default jumper locations and the individual signals on each user connector.

EfiO2Meter Jmp.png

The Connector signals are explained in details at the efiO2Meter Wiring page.

  • Connectors
  • J1 : Main Power, RS232 Serial Comm, Start-In and Error Out signals.
  • J2 : Analog I/O signals, TPS, Ext, RPM, Pwm Out, Pwm Sim.
  • J3 : LSU 4.x sensor signals.
  • Jumpers
  • J4 : Error Out Voltage, 12 V
  • J5, J6 : BlueTooth Config select.
  • J7, J8 : Flash Update via USB or Serial.
  • J51, J52 : LSU 4.9 selection.
  • J32 : BlueTooth Module specific RxD select.
  • J37 : BlueTooth Module Reset signal.

LSU 4.x Sensor Selection

The sensor type Hardware Jumper Selection has to match the sensor firmware config selection (LSUS [cj][sen] command)

EfiO2Meter Jmp LSU.png

  • LSU 4.9 : J51 and J52, pin 2 to 1
  • LSU 4.2 : J51 and J52, pin 2 to 3

Both Jumpers need to be switched.

efiO2Meter Flash Update

There are 2 ways to perform a Flash Update.

EfiO2Meter Jmp Boot.png

power unit OFF ... set Jumpers ... connect cable (USB or Serial) ... power up ... USB, del flash image and copy new image or Serial load flash image using FlashMagic ... power off ... remove cable ... remove Jumpers ... that's it :)

  • USB Flash Update : J7 only.
  • RS232 Flash Update : J7 and J8.

efiO2Meter BlueTooth Config

The BlueTooth Module is factory preset and there is no need to change anything.
For completeness we provide this documentation to show how to establish a BT-module config connection setup.

EfiO2Meter Jmp Bt.png

EfiO2Meter Jmp Bt0.png

Selecting J5 and J6 pos 2 to 3 connects the RS232 serial RxD / TxD to the BlueTooth RxD / TxD. This way the RS232 connection communicates directly with the BlueTooth Module instead of the CPU. Now AT modem commands can be sent to the BlueTooth Module.

Error Out Voltage Selection

The switched (MOSFET) Error Out allows for the selection of an internal pullup generated output voltage selection of 5 V or 12 V.

EfiO2Meter Jmp Err.png

EfiO2Meter Jmp Err0.png

  • Error Out 12 V : J4 pin 2 to 1
  • Error Out 5 V : J4 pin 2 to 3

Note : All published design documentation is Copyright efiLabs.com and its use is without exception FOR NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY. For commercial licenses contact efilabs.com ... try us, we're reasonable :)

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