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Welcome to the Official efiHacks Community Wiki.

efiHacks is a site created by efiLabs dedicated to the community of electronic fuel injection hackers. Our goal is to cultivate a community around our electronic fuel injection interceptor control devices that we're developing. This wiki serves as a repository of information for such a community.

Our wiki pages will help you to find almost anything you want to know about the efiLabs products and the handling and operation of it. It also contains lots of techie info about the concepts and inner workings of these high tech marvels.

Also be aware that this is not a sales or marketing page, rather a comprehensive engineering page. You might find some spots throughout the pages where things might seem missing or the page ends incomplete or the wording and formatting is not perfect.
As mentioned engineering, which implies the engineering is being done and the findings or documentation might just not have made it into Our Wiki :) ... we're busy and whenever time and space we will share our engineering progress here.

Currently there are 2 product lines with one being the efiO2Meter tool and accessories and the other being the map based efiInterceptor (aka efiMini) electronic fuel injection piggyback controller and accessories.

The efiO2Meter (Lambda-Meter) is based upon the Bosch CJ125 wide band O2 sensor interface controller IC chip. It has a bluetooth based wireless control interface (SPP) with software Apps based O2 sensor data logging functions. It comes with GUI Apps for the Windows, Linux and Android operating system. ALl of them support wireless as well as RS232 connectivity to the efiO2Meter.

The map based efiInterceptor is a precision realtime electronic fuel injection controller intercepting the stock fuel injector signals and providing a map based timing corrected signal to the injectors. It comes with an extensive windows based GUI control panel and a custom bluetooth-radio dongle with Android, Linux and Windows GUI analyzer panels and data logging functions ...
wireless data logging means i.e. that the android based cell phone or tablet connects to the efiInterceptor bt-radio and is now able to display and log all realtime data. The log size is determined by the memory size of the bt-connected device ... cell phone, tablet, etc ...

Please note, while our products are not suitable for all applications, there is a good chance that it will help you to achieve your goal faster, easier and more economically.


Wireless Wide Band efiO2Meter Tool / Controller Topics

These topics will link you to all the efiO2Meter details available on this efiHacks community website.

This device is also targeted for System-Integration and OEM-Customers in automotive and industrial control applications, since it provides almost every data imaginable through the serial link.
More important, through our modular concept we would be able to react fast and cost-effective to most customer specific hardware and firmware customization demands.

please don't get too excited ... we're still in the developing phase ... efiO2Meter tests will take place mid sept and production units available along with an android app by start of oct ... yes we're moving incredibly fast :) ... but at the expense of the efiInterceptor :(

for more updates please visit us at http://www.efihacks.com/news/

General Info General Info about the efiO2Meter.
Setup and Config Simple Setup and Config documentation.
Android Software efiO2Meter Android GUI App documentation.
Android App & Bluetooth efiO2Meter Android App & Bluetooth observations.
Windows Software efiO2Meter Windows GUI App documentation.
Linux Software efiO2Meter Linux GUI App documentation.
Transfer Functions efiO2Meter Data Transfer Functions.
Wiring efiO2Meter Wiring support and documentation.
Pulsed Rpm efiO2Meter Pulsed RPM Input documentation.
Jumpers and Connections efiO2Meter Config Jumpers and Connections.
Theory of Operation Wide Band O2 Sensor operations principle.
Firmware efiO2Meter firmware update guide.
DataOutput efiO2Meter Data Output Options.
DataTransfer efiO2Meter Data Transfer Options.
Commands efiO2Meter Command Structures.
Boot Sequence efiO2Meter System Boot-Up Sequence.
Self Test efiO2Meter Self Test Documentation.
Specifications efiO2Meter specification sheet.
Bosch LSU 4.9 vs LSU 4.2 A comparison between Bosch LSU 4.9 vs legacy LSU 4.2 Wide Band O2 Sensor.

efiInterceptor Electronic Fuel Injection Controller Topics

These topics will link you to all the efiInterceptor details available on this efiHacks community website.

Installation Simple installation documentation.
Firmware efiMini firmware update guide.
Software Windows GUI Application documentation.
Wiring efiMini Wiring support and documentation.
Theory of Operation Electronic fuel injection intercept concept explained.
O2 Sensor Operation Explanations about O2 sensor operations.
O2 Sniffer Design O2 exhaust tail pipe sniffer.
Open Interface Definition of the efiHacks Open Interface concept.
Specifications efiMini specification sheet.
Opto 3.3 V Serial Dongle Optically Isolated 3.3 V Serial to USB adapter.
Diagnostic Board Helped during development and test.
Downloads Available files download page.
Gallery Documenting the life at efiHacks.
Engineering Notes What's done and what's in the works and why.

Helpful Tools and Others Topics

Here we discuss and share some of our experiences we encountered along the rocky way of development :)

LPCXpresso C++ Sample LPCXpresso C++ project sample .
Hex Format Editor Generating memory test pattern and hex editor.
CRC-8 Code CRC-8 class example.
SMD Hand Soldering SMD Hand Soldering Techniques example.
Avr Flash Prog Fun Trying to program the Atmega CPU family's Flash.
More Avr Prog Fun Finally a need GUI for AvdDude in Java ... made in Germany :)
Mics efiHacks Pics Some hardware development highlights in pics.


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  • USA : the efiInterceptor controllers are intended to be Only Used on closed courses and NOT for Use on vehicles, roads and areas otherwise Subject to Emission Control Requirements.
  • California : the efiInterceptor controllers should NOT be Used on any vehicle that is licensed or registered for Use On Public Roads.
  • EU, Europe, Other Countries : please check your local applicable law, where and if it is legal to operate a vehicle equipped with our devices (efiInterceptor).

Copyright ⓒ

All published design documentation is Copyright efiLabs.com and its use is without exception FOR NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY. For commercial licenses contact efilabs.com ... try us, we're reasonable :)

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